What is MAGNET?
MAGNET helps to identify areas where you can improve profitability and reduce risk.
Problems faced by Employers

With multi-lingual workforce clients depend upon ‘people within the workforce’ to relay the communication of business-critical information. The accuracy of the language, empathy and understanding of cultural differences of a multi-national workforce are critical to the effective communication of this business-critical information. Using non-professionals has the hidden costs of inefficiencies whilst placing the business, brand, and potentially employees, at risk.
MAGNET was developed to bridge the gap identified when dealing with employers dependent upon a multi-national workforce and the cultural mix of the people working for them. The unique perspective of understanding HR, recruitment and employment law, combined with practical communication whatever the ethnicity, language or cultural diversity, means MAGNET can help a business increase productivity and profits while reducing the hidden risk of managing a multicultural workforce.
Who will benefit?
  • Clients that need a provider who understands the workplace and cultural diversity, in addition to the language challenges of communication related to business-critical information.
  • Employee Wellbeing Focused Companies
  • Employing 50+ people within the organisation
  • Employing directly the vast majority of staff
  • Employing multi-lingual workforce
How will you benefit?
Magnet Assessment helps businesses who are dependent upon multinational workforce to ensure they optimise their productivity and retention through more effective communication and higher engagement levels. Magnet Assessment will help to reduce risks to the business through more robust compliance focused solutions, including health and safety, employment rights and relationships.
  • Improved Profitability
  • Optimise productivity and performance through a better engaged multi-national workforce
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Reduced Risk
  • Delivering better health & safety communications and robust, auditable processes
  • Minimise possibilities of employment tribunal and discrimination claims through enhanced cultural awareness
For more info about the services please call Dace Wroblewska in Boston on 01205 310 004 or Sarra Ellis in Colchester on 01206 573 777.